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Nonsurgical Treatment for Back Pain

,Injections are a common non-surgical treatment solution for people experiencing back pain or injury. The procedures are performed by physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors. 

A nurse will call you one business day prior to your procedure, between 12:00 and 4:30 p.m. He/she will inform you of your arrival time and review your medical history and medications. You MUST arrange for an adult to drive you to and from your procedure.

  • Some procedures require that you do not eat or drink ANYTHING six hours prior. Please follow the specific instructions given to you during your time call.
  • You may need to hold your maintenance pain medications or anticoagulant medications, please follow the specific instructions given to you by the nurse when he/she calls you. 


  • Insulin, snack if you have a gluten allergy, asthma inhaler, pacemaker, or cardiodefibrillator records
  • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing, preferably no belt around the waist
  • Bring driver’s license, or photo ID, insurance card, and co-payment.
  • Leave all other items of value at home (i.e. jewelry, cash, credit cards).
  • Do not wear perfume, cologne, or jewelry the day of your procedure.

Please call Cascade Surgicenter at 541-322-2395 or call your physician at 541-382-3344 if you develop a sore throat, fever, or illness. This is an elective procedure and should be cancelled if you are ill.